I don't need so much,
this is not,
and really there is nothing.

When I asked for your storms, 
where does I been there? 
hear those guys nicely, hearing hardly.

I was been at different ways, 
so, my sound is not a sound at all, 
don't believe me when,
I was command that you stay.

Now, I became so complicated than, 
is hard even to breath, 
stay away, stay in this.

This man,   
had addiction for words, 
cos they..., 
Can they breathe drawings?

There the kids, 
and there theirs dolls.

Amino-acid analitic dreams, 
stay away, stay here, 
I´m in love, because, 
I´m not me, not anymore, 
my lovers tell her, she's so right, and, 
they said 20 years, 
thinking without think, 
I said fuck yourselves, 
mom tells that I'm wrong.  

I´m comeback home now,
just for a dream,
If I can say things,
without saing things,
is because.

There's not them,
Is just like they just look like,
they are so,
this is the final at the start,
this way don't fit it,
because is no exist at all.

Can I see you cry?
and then I can find me,
deleting myself.
by ioet