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Look at my… / Alex 2017

I´m alone Should I care about that? I will cross or up this montain Droping myself like as Wouldn´t will wait./ He is the man and he drives me crazy I´m here and there now At the same time and at the oppositive direction Set things, put the options We are dancing now, You are […]


I don´t / Alex

I don´t I don’t need so much When I asked for your storms Where does I been there? hear nicely, ear hardly. I was been at different ways So, my sound is not a sound at all Don’t believe me when I said please stay. Now, I become so complicated than Is hard even to […]


Before / Alex

Before Before you wake up/ Before he lies/ Just come and make me smile. You believe in dreams/ ¿In some kind of open destiny? Why don´t we saw/ Why I do the things I do? by Alex